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No recent activity What does my child need for equipment?
boys will need the following; helmet, hockey helmets work for grades K-2. 3-6 do require lacrosse helmets shoulder pads elbow pads cup stick Girls; eye goggles stick
Last Post: March 17, 2016 at 08:42am pdt Started By: Matt Denner

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Ogdensburg youth lacrosse Sign Ups

by Scott Wilson, 2019-03-05T13:46:09.000-08:00March 05 2019, at 01:46 PM PST

Signs ups are here. I apologize with being late and the link not working. I think I have everything worked out now.
We will announce other sig... [more]
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Pool party

2018-07-03 02:59 PDT (2018) by Scott Wilson (0 Comments)

There will be a pool party this Sunday July 8th at the city pool for all kids in the... [more]

Sign Ups

2018-04-06 05:38 PDT (2018) by Scott Wilson (0 Comments)

Today is the last day to sign up on team pages. If you haven’t sign up yet. your chi... [more]

Youth Lacrosse Sign ups

2018-02-19 12:34 PST (2017 Soccer) by Ogdensburg Youth Sports (0 Comments)

Ogdensburg Youth Lacrosse will be offering sign-ups for area youth to play “The Fast... [more]


2017-06-27 10:22 PDT (2017) by Ogdensburg Youth Lacrosse (2 Comments)

Pictures should be in by Friday July 7th as soon as we have them we will send an upd... [more]

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